Monday, August 20, 2007

San Diego

Just a few highlights of my pre-vacation vacation in San Diego. Surprisingly (and happily), both my flight there and back were uneventful. The purpose of the trip was to attend the wedding of my friend Cinco. But lucky for me, my brother and his wife were there as well and we were able to see some of the sights of San Diego.

Friday morning we went to the San Diego Zoo (photos and narration in the slideshow below).

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner in La Jolla. The beach and sunset were beautiful. And we had Mexican food. Oh how I miss Mexican food in New York. Luckily that was all Jason and Nadia wanted to eat too so we ate it every day.

It was so great to see Cinco again - and meet his adorable now-wife Ashley. He definitely looked a bit older but very good, that made me worry how I have changed over the years! After all, I hadn't seen him in over three years! It is amazing how fast time goes by.

Saturday was taken up by the wedding and reception which were both beautiful. The San Diego temple lives up to its reputation, very beautiful.

Just a bit of history. Cinco and I lived in the same building (a la Friends) in New York years ago. I coached him through his dating ups and downs and he bought me Ben & Jerry's when I was crushed by a certain boy (on more than one occasion). He was a regular at my Sunday dinners and never failed to do the dishes. We had a standing date on Wednesday nights to watch Law & Order at 10 pm. It was like having a boy roommate I didn't have to live with. We talked dating, sports, church, friendships, his crazy roommate . . . a little of everything. Shortly after I moved back to Utah, he moved to Houston and we kept in touch.

About three years ago, he was looking through photos of a girl he was just starting to date and discovered a familiar face - my brother. As it turns out, Ashley was my sister-in-law's college roommate and she attended my brother's wedding. Cinco recognized Jason in the wedding photo. Wow, it is a small world. For the last three years Nadia and I have been hoping this match would work out since we both think so highly of each of them individually. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to attend the wedding together.

I didn't take many photos at the reception but here is the lovely couple getting ready to cut the cake. I wish I had taken a few more photos so you could see all of Cinco's attractive brothers - too bad they are all so young! One was sweet and danced with me the last song.

We sent them off with bubbles. . . And Sunday, before getting on our separate red-eye flights, we went to Sea World.

Although I normally prefer to take a direct flight, I made a slight detour through Salt Lake and managed to spend a couple of hours with my parents and sister. Erin fed me brownies and a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.

Yes, I am a bit sun burned from San Diego - lesson learned: ALWAYS re-apply the sun screen!


lizzie said...

looks like you had a great time. seeing you with your family makes me miss mine.

Ma said...

The slide show turned out great. The pictures are much better to see on the computer.

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