Tuesday, August 07, 2007

on my mind

  • I just realized I have somehow managed to skip shaving the left side of my right knee for at least a week. There is a whole forest of hair of considerable length there.
  • I need Liz's new address. Someone please send it to me (LIZ! or anyone else who has it). I suspect she could use some real mail.
  • I should probably buy some new sneakers for hiking in Iceland because it will probably be too cold for my chacos but I don't think I have the time to break them in
  • why did BYU send me this addictive salt water taffy? my garbage is littered with 7 or 8 BYU-logoed wrappers from the last hour
  • I need to try and focus on work for more than 15 minute spurts
  • how is it over 95 degrees outside and I have to wear a sweater in my office
  • why hasn't anyone been posting lately? I think I waste more time looking for distractions than I would if my google reader box had something new to offer
  • anyone have a suggestion for a good extra large duffle that could fit a tent, air mattress and other odds and ends?
  • 9 days until San Diego
  • 18 days until Iceland
  • what kind of cupcakes should I make for a bridal shower? probably yellow or white cake with fruit. . . but with chocolate too.
  • 230 is probably too early to ditch my heels and wear flip flops in the office. . . but my feet were getting irritated being crammed in closed toe shoes for so long


autumn said...

I've been having issues with my blogger. Anyway, I wouldn't be able to concetrate if I was leaving for Iceland in 18 days either.

Tiffany said...

What kind of cupcakes? Are you serious? Is there any other flavor that exists than red velvet?

Come on!

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