Monday, August 20, 2007

Just prepping

Since I took the red-eye back, I used my lack of sleep to take an extra day off. I arrived home at 8 am and to my surprise I slept until 3 pm!! So much for all of the errands I was planning on running today. It was a rainy and dreary day anyway so decided to do some pre-packing for Iceland.

I started by pulling out various clothes I thought might want as I unpacked my suitcase from San Diego. But then I decided I might as well go all out. So I made a trip to my storage unit to pull out my camping gear.
I haven't used my tent in over a year so I decided to set it up to make sure I have everything I need. I had planned on setting it up on my roof but with the threat of rain, I moved the set-up to my living room.

It was a tight fit but I managed to set the whole thing up. Well, almost the whole thing. I didn't put the rain fly on.
I bought a self-inflating mattress which barely fits inside. Good thing we have a rental car because there won't be much extra space in the tent.
Pulling everything out has brought this long-awaited vacation into reality.
One thing I forgot I had - Dawn wash & toss. I've had them for a while so I tested one out by cleaning my camp dishes. Still work - you just get them wet and scrub away, then toss! Why don't I camp more? Oh, right. I live in New York City and I don't own a car and I don't have friends who camp. . . minor challenges.

Only four days of work, then Erin arrives and then WE LEAVE FOR ICELAND! WOOHOO!!!


tiff said...

I cannot wait to hear about this trip!

Beck said...

I was going to suggest just camping in your living room, since everything seems to be set up and all -but then you'd miss out on Iceland.

lizzie said...

i am jealous! but have a good time!

Ma said...

You better give us little email updates whenever you can so I don't worry too much. I know you'll have a great time though and will take lots and lots of pictures.

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