Thursday, August 16, 2007

just checking in

what a week.

First off, congrats to Michele on the beautiful (I'm sure, although we have not yet met) Eva Luna who was born August 10th. I can't wait to see photos and to meet her. Michele if you are up to going to the SLC airport on Sunday night at 9, I'll be there for three hours . . . right, just a suggestion.

Second, happy happy birthday to Lizzie!!!! I celebrated her day with a trip to Delaware and some really long over air-conditioned meetings without food. Unfortunately I had to abruptly end the birthday phone call when I realized the next train to New York was arriving in 3 short minutes and I had to change my ticket so I didn't have to spend another hour waiting in the Wilmington train station. There was one person ahead of me in line at the ticket window and when the window was cleared I rushed up. I promise I was really nice but the man told me to WAIT until he called me to the window. I tried to explain I needed to catch the train arriving in literally 2 minutes but he slowly shuffled papers around on the other side of the plexi glass before allowing me to slide my ticket through the metal tray to his side of the window. When I heard the rumblings of the train arriving overhead I tried to hurry him along and he got s l o w e r ! When he finally returned my ticket he was grumbling about New Yorkers never having patience and always being in such a hurry. Only because my train is already on the tracks upstairs! Okay so I am impatient but I was not rude about it. I had to run up the stairs to the train and luckily I made it just before the doors shut. Phew!

Have you ever had those moments where your mind has been untethered and allowed to roam free for a bit and you surprise yourself with thoughts you didn't know were lurking back there? When I first boarded the train, I went straight to the snack car and bought some pretzels, m&ms and a bottle of water (I avoided any sandwiches and salads having learned from past experience they are not worth eating). When I settled into my seat, I traded my red heels for flip flops, removed my pin stripe suit jacket and pulled out my Iceland rough guide and scrolled through my ipod for something soothing. I leaned my chair back as I allowed the haunting music of Sigur Ros wash over me as Wilmington faded into the background. As I sat there enjoying the alternating flavors of salt and chocolate, I glanced out the window at the rush of trees, signs, telephone wires and roads as they flew by. When I least expected it, I thought "I am tired of the east coast."

There it was, a stray thought I didn't realize was even back there. I pondered this briefly and realized it wasn't so much that I am tired of it - there isn't anywhere else I am ready to go right now - but tired of not changing. Without dwelling on it too long, I returned to my book to read more about the history and culture of this small island near the arctic cirlce I get to visit in 9 days!

One final note. It hasn't rained all week. Today heavy thundershowers are in the forecast beginning in the late afternoon which means the airport will be a disaster just in time for my flight at 545. But don't worry, I am not parting with my luggage this time.

oh and, as usual, I am already regretting half of what I packed. I packed two alternative dresses for the wedding and I am already wishing I had packed a different one. Grrrr. I am the worst packer. I wonder if this couple actually still has single friends. Most of the weddings I have attended lately I am nearly the only single friend in attendance. I don't like to talk (or write) about this but it really is hard always being the last one standing. Last of my high school friends, last of my law school friends, last of my New York friends . . . last. Losing friends one by one as they move on to what is hopefully a greater joy is bittersweet. I do not begrudge their joy and I truly relish in their happiness but, selfishly, I look around and realize if I don't put some effort into replenishing my friendships, I won't have any single friends left.


tiff said...

I have become a better packer over the years. I usually visualize each outfit and sketch them out, writing out to the side what each item is and then I pack. Sick, huh?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, even the difficult ones. I'm sure that is hard at weddings. I wish I was at the wedding with you and I could give you a hug and eat cake by your side.

lizzie said...

thanks for the birthday shout out and the call--i really appreciate it. and i wish i could be there for you...

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