Thursday, August 23, 2007

going to have to face it I'm addicted to. . .

iTunes! I realize this is not a shock to those who know me but I am coming to the realization that I am an addict or have some sort of obsessive playlist compulsion. Over the last several weeks I have been toying with the idea of creating a couple of playlists for my trip (yes, this is another Iceland-prep post!). Emily jump-started the first list with the suggestion that I check out Sigur Ros, an Icelandic band - who I now love. While in Iceland we are renting a small four-wheel drive-ish vehicle (I say "ish" because it appears to be on the toy side of the SUV range) so we will be road tripping and camping from Tuesday to Saturday (in case you want to think of where I am and what I am doing next week). And what is a road trip without music . . . am I right?

Last night I spent several hours at my computer creating not one but two playlists. For the magestic scenery we are sure to encounter while circumnavigating the 840 mile Ring Road around the island, I have put together the oh so cleverly named Ring Road list which starts with a few Icelandic bands then moves into my existing collection which was somehow dominated by Moby last night.

Track 4 Sigur Ros
Saeglopur Sigur Ros
Glosoli Sigur Ros
Aldrei Orio Didda & Magga Stir . . .
[sorry, the rest of the name doesn't show up on my ipod]
Enginn Didda & Her Lego . . .
Fjarskanistan Amina
Green Grass of Tunnel Mum
Universal Traveller Air
You Turn Me Round Aqualung
Back to the Earth Rusted Root
Round the Bend Beck
Volcano Damien Rice
Beautiful Moby
Karmacoma Massive Attack
New Round Beck
Guiter Flute and String Moby
Sunset Road Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
By and Bye Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Like Spinning Plates Radiohead
Mad World Michael Andrews
Hotel Intro Moby
Down by the Seaside Robert Plant & Tori Amos
You're Beautiful Mojave 3
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd
Morning Bell Radiohead
Porcelain Moby
Corner of the Earth Jamiroquai
The Tourist Radiohead

This list fell together easily, both with the mood of the music and the lyrics which are mostly mellow and feel conducive to witnessing and experiencing spectacular scenery.

The second list is much longer and took quite a bit more work and is still in the tweaking mode. I generally like to listen through a playlist a few times to feel how it flows. As I put the list together and order the songs I will listen to the start of a song and then the end to hear the transition to make sure nothing is jarring or out of place. A year or so ago I had a Night Driving playlist that I lost when my computer crashed and I upgraded to a newer ipod. It was large, unweildy and not very cohesive. I am hoping this Road Trip playlist (again, I am so clever with the names) does a better job:

Dice Finley Quaye
Leaving so Soon Keane
Send Me on My Way Rusted Root
Drive In Drive Out Dave Matthews Band
Farewell Ride Beck
Travelling Without Moving Jamiroquai
Eye of the Tiger Survivor
Always on the Run Lenny Kravitz
Ruby Blue Roisin Murphy
Go It Alone Beck
Long Train Runnin' The Doobie Brothers
Symbol in my Driveway Jack Johnson
Wildflowers Tom Petty
The Road Home Heart
The Golden Road Grateful Dead
Queen of the Highway The Doors
Ruby Tuesday The Rolling Stones
Wild World Cat Stevens
Drive Incubus
Closer to You The Wallflowers
Title and Registration Death Cab for Cutie
Just a Ride Jem
Where the Streets Have No Name U2
Rental Car Beck
What Goes Around Comes Around Lenny Kravitz
Time Chantal Kreviazuk
Breakdown Jack Johnson
Ventura Highway America
Golden Slumbers Ben Folds
Round Here Counting Crows
Grey Street Dave Matthews Band
One Road for Freedom Ben Harper
Southside Moby
River, Sea, Ocean Badly Drawn Boy
Transatlanticism Death Cab for Cutie
Rockin' Down the Highway The Doobie Brothers
Truckin' Grateful Dead
Riders on the Storm The Doors
Over the Hills and Far Away Led Zeppelin
Town to Town G Love & Special Sauce
Southland in the Springtime Indigo Girls
Taking it to the Streets The Doobie Brothers
Don't Cross the River America
Side of the Road Beck
Wait Get Set Go
It Don't Matter Donavon Frankenreiter
Roadhouse Blues The Doors
Diamond Road Sheryl Crow
Where Are You Going Dave Matthews Band
Take You There G. Love & Special Sauce
Satellite Guster
Put It Behind You Keane
Leaving Las Vegas Sheryl Crow
Run On Moby
Long May You Run Neil Young
Gone Pearl Jam
Back to Avalon Heart
How Many Miles Must We March Ben Harper
I'm Goin' Home Hootie & the Blowfish
Crash Into Me Dave Matthews Band
Can't Find My Way Home Eric Clapton
The Long Way Home Norah Jones
Last Stop: This Town Eels
Yes, it is long - I believe over four hours - but can you really consider it a road trip unless you are in your car for more than two or three hours? And with 840 miles (not including side trips) to cover in a week, we will need a lot of tunes.
Most of the songs are about driving or cars or roads or leaving or arriving but there are a few that are just fun and feel like driving music. I was tempted to make an exclusively singing or nostalgic road trip list but I think a lot of those songs are in other playlists (I have a great Red Rocks list that takes me back to college or Sunshine which is full of happy mostly sing out loud type songs) and I try to avoid duplicating songs in multiple lists.
Any thoughts? What would you put in your road trip list?


Beck said...

Re: your first play list - we like the same music, which means that you're AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Obviously life in the big apple has had a bad effect on your musical taste. You missed several hundred of the most obvious choices. Listed below are just a sampling..Highway to Hell/AC-DC
Born to be wild/Steppenwolf
Truck Driving son-of-a-gun/ Red Sovine
Giddy-up go/again Red Sovine
Six days on the road/ Can't remember
Hit the road Jack/Ray Charles
I'll go where you want me to go/somewhere in the hymn book.

Soul-Fusion said...

okay, anonymous, great suggestions . . . especially the one from the hymn book bookending AC/DC's Highway to Hell. I assume from the tone and references you are someone from my family (possbily my dad because I assume Red Sovine is some band he knows????)so please reveal your identity.

Soul-Fusion said...

I just looked up who Red Sovine is and determined my anonymous commenter is not from my family since he is some sort of honky tonk trucker singer . . . but it is someone's dad. . . welcome Jim, happy to have you as a reader (that is you, isn't it?).

Anonymous said...

I'm someone's Dad, but not yours. I'm glad to see that someone in your family has good musical taste. Kudos to your Dad for knowing who Red Sovine is. Had you lived in Cedar City longer and NYC less, you would, of course, be much more familiar with with mainstream America traveling songs.

michele said...

you may need to add some bjork to your iceland playlist. i am jealous of your road trip. have fun.

Brooke said...

Okay. Now I am jealous not only of your trip, but your playlists. I can't believe you get to go to the land of Sigur Ros. Best live concert I eVER went to. Seriously.

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