Wednesday, August 01, 2007

the count down

only 5 hours until The Police concert
only 3.5 hours until drinks at some place called Stout before The Police concert
only 3 hours until I get to leave the office to go to Stout and then The Police concert
only 2.75 hours until I get to change out of work clothes for The Police concert

Has anyone else noticed that I am EXCITED about The Police concert tonight? I've listened to nothing but The Police for the last three days. I have to say Roxanne is their best song.

Since The Police haven't been together for 20 years, I clearly have never been to a concert even though my first concert was at age 12. I saw Gloria Estafan and the Miami Sound Machine at The Silver Dollar Fair in Chico, California. My friend and I somehow managed to weasel our way to the very front and I remember being grossed out by a couple of bras in the grass between the stage and the fencing that held us at a safe distance from Gloria.

I have seen Sting in person twice before. The first time was seven summers ago (!!) when Emily and Michele were visiting me in New York. We woke up early and went to Rockefellar Center to see him perform "live on the Plaza" on the Today Show. I remember thinking it was such a strange experience to be standing there at 8 in the morning in my work clothes cheering for a live band. Oddly enough, I just realized I was wearing the exact skirt that day that I am wearing today! How strange is that? As I was typing, I was envisioning myself back then crowded together with Em and Michele holding the camera out in front of our faces squeezed together, a giant (and I mean GIANT) dog made of flowers and leaves caught in the background beyond our heads. I should dig out the photo when I am home. I think we called Liz to tell her to watch for us because she loved Al Roker, or maybe Willard Scott. . . . Sting played three or four songs and I am 99.5% sure that at least one of them was actually from The Police, but I can't remember what he played. We got some pretty good photos though when he turned in our direction (as we were squeezed in behind the stage. Then I went to work. Now I get to do the reverse!

My second encounter with Sting was in January or February 2002. My sister and her boyfriend were visiting. We were walking through Central Park, despite the chill, taking photos and admiring the snow. I was walking slightly ahead of my sister and her boy. As we approached the western edge of the Park, at a pace slower than I cared for, I glanced at the two people approaching us. The smaller of the men in black fleece caught my eye. Before he passed us I swung around to look at my sister and she mouthed "is that Sting?" He walked silently passed us and we then huddled and chatted and speculated, her boyfriend never quite believing it was him because "why would he be with that other guy?"

Okay, I better be off so I can get something done before I have to leave for the concert!!


tiff said...

How fun! I am so jealous, and now all I can think about is that SNL sketch when Sting is in the elevator and they keep singing "Roxanne" to him!

I have to say, I like The Police hits better than Sting's solo career.

Have a GREAT time!

Ma said...

So, how much work did you get done today? I was going through some pictures on Saturday and saw one of the pictures that you sent from the Today Show's Sting concert.

I had forgotten that you were going tonight until I received your text message. I hope it was "Magic".

mickey said...

I'd sing Roxanne with you Karaoke sometime, I love that song too. I hope you had the time of your life.

autumn said...

Yeah! Have fun. I will be home tending to my daughter and trying not to go insane with jealousy.

lizzie said...

i love al roker. still.

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