Friday, July 06, 2007


I was pretty skeptical of all the craze for the new iphone, until I held one, played with one, saw the dirt lot where my apartment now stands on it via google maps. . . I'm not saying I'm going to run out and buy one. But I definitely understand the hype now, and it is worth it.

Oh and watch this piece of entertainment on the iphone courtesy of the NY Times, very funny.


Ma said...

I watched the NYTimes video about the iPhone. It does look interesting and I'm sure you'll be getting one in the near future . . . hopefully when the price drops. I did wonder if you need to carry a cloth around with you to keep the fingerprints and makeup off the screen. I look forward to trying your iPhone out when you get it.

mickey said...

Wow! If you get one can I play with it?

great video!

tiff said...

God bless Steve Jobs!

autumn said...

I too would love an iphone and I don't even use my phone very much. I played with one on Saturday and found near impossible to put down.

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