Thursday, July 05, 2007

God Bless America

The day started with an unseasonably cool Yankees game. With friends, aka "my boyz" (for the day anyway): I thought Howard was trying to take a picture down my shirt. . .
being artsy
Yes, I had a hot dog and I loved it!
More friends:
Some goofing around:
A bit more. . .
Despite the fact the Yankees lost, we still managed to leave with smiles on our faces.
But the fun did not stop there, after Emily and I made a couple of stops to change out of Yankee game attire, we had dinner at Vynl and then decided to take a very long walk down the Hudson River - from Hell's Kitchen to Battery Park City!
It was beautiful.
There wasn't a lot of rain, just threats of a downpour all day. Unfortunately the City decided the only fireworks they needed to cancel were the ones my friend's roof had a direct view of - over the Statue of Liberty. We still managed to see New Jersey's smaller display:
And Howard made some friends in his own unique way:
The crew that finished off the night chatting in Nicole's apartment:
Late night pizza, because two bowls of cereal, a hot dog, cracker jacks, multiple cokes, a BLT, chips and all the rest was just not enough junk food for the day, really it was about patriotism.


lizzie said...

wow...looks like lots of fun! i can't wait to come and go to a yankee game...someday

tiff said...

such fun! your friends look funny. in a good way. :) glad you had a good holiday!

Ma said...

Wow, I can't believe you ate a hotdog, but what's a baseball game without the hot dog. Looks like you had a great time despite your team's loss, but the Yankees made up for that at the next game. Even though I have never been a Yankee fan, I still would like to go to a game there. By the way,I like your sunglasses.

mickey said...

I love your pictures. They bring me there, I hope you don't mind. I am glad you have a good group to hang out with you look so happy and you have cute friends!

autumn said...

What is it about summertime and hotdogs? I usually find them revolting in every way, but if they are grilled and it's hot outside,I just can't say no.

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