Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday Night Dinner: a pictorial

Staring into my fridge tonight, I wondered what I could possibly pull together for dinner that would satisfy my hunger quickly. As you can see, unlike Tiff's fridge, mine is pretty sparsely stocked. Mostly I have beverages left over from parties I hosted months ago (why else would I have gallons of ginger ale, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and pear juice?) and those potatoes in the bottom drawer are a bit too wrinkly to eat. So here is what I managed to pull together: a panini!

I started with a couple of slices of multi-grain bread I picked up as my free loaf when I bought brioche for my weekend guests at Amy's Bread (I finished off the breakfast bread pudding I made with the brioche last night).

Then fried an egg.

Slathered one side of the bread with some Smart Balance Light pretend butter with no partially hydrogenated anything and the other side of the bread with chipotle hummus and placed the bread in my panini maker.

Added some havarti cheese with jalapeno pepper on top of the hummus,

Topped that with a couple of slices of tomoato,

Then added the fried egg and a piece of bacon (left over from a similar panini from Monday night),

Added some more cheese. . . and the top layer of "buttered bread",

Closed the panini maker,

Then thoroughly enjoyed the greasy, gooey, pretend it's healthy panini with a side of carrots and hummus.

Clearly I enjoyed it.


Soul-Fusion said...

just a little note, I'm not sure how this appears on your screen but before I hit publish the photos were in a neat little row down the left side with the comments lined neatly up next to the proper photo. But now, everything is jumbled. Hopefully it still makes sense . . .

tiff said...

Yay! I love looking in your fridge. I guess it's interesting when it's somebody else's. I think your panini is pretty awesome and the panini-maker is totally badass (that's my word of the week). I want one. Thanks for a peek inside. Now I'm craving your meal.

We ate chicken taco salads, by the way...

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