Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me, Part Ole!

The birthday fun continued throughout the evening. Despite my heavy lunch, I still managed to eat another one of these delectable delights (there are still more in my fridge at home!):
After changing out of the mistake of a white skirt I chose to wear to work (try and avoid wearing a skirt with snaps up the front, especially on days when you plan on eating non-stop, every time I leaned forward the top snap came undone, despite a significant gap at the back of the skirt!), I headed out for my birthday dinner. Despite being an unbelievably perfect 80 degree, low humidity day, a thunderstorm had snuck in with dark, ominous clouds and its bursts of rain and dazzling lightening. As I left the house I grabbed my small purse-size umbrella mistakenly assuming the worst of the storm had passed. I was a block from my apartment with a light drizzling rain when I decided to jump in a cab rather than risk being too late. What a great decision! As my cab slowly made its way up 10th Avenue, the clouds burst and the rain beat down in demanding stacatto on the roof. After using all of my cash on my cab and arriving a few minutes early, I decided to run across the street to the atm in Duane Reade (a pharmacy). The dash left me dripping, wandering the aisles wondering if the rain would stop before I had to run back across the street. It didn't. But when I rushed in the front door of Mama Mexico, I was greeted by my newly engaged friend Wendy holding a bunch of fragrant white lilies for me.
Two other friends Emily and Emilee were also there to greet me with hugs. Emily (in the middle below) is a talented jewelry designer and gave me another pair of her originals, which I am wearing in the photo. I love them!

Surprisingly, the restaurant seated us right away despite the fact we only had 4 or 5 of our 10 party reservation. New York restaurants are generally quite stingy on this point and will rarely to never seat you without your full party, even if your full party is 4 and 3 are there. With the often unreliable transportation that is difficult to calculate timing well, waiting for a table for a large party can often be a long and painful process, especially in a cramped waiting area with torrential rain outside. As my friends trickled in, each with a somewhat harrowing story involving the rain, pedi cabs, gypsy cabs and lost umbrellas, we snacked on the amazingly fresh made-to order guacomole that makes Mama Mexico so good. I just wish they had taken me a bit more seriously when I requested hot and spicy. After dinner, the roaming mariachi band stopped by our table with some cake to sing happy birthday to me. I declined the tequila the owner tried to drizzle down my throat and I think he was a bit surprised that the entire table turned down his tequila gift as well.Even sans tequila, things took a bit of a wild turn as the band continued to play and I was given a giant sombrero which is really just an invitation for me to get a little crazy. Some may even say it really isn't my birthday if I don't end up dancing on a table. . . Okay, so I didn't actually stand on the table, but I did stand on my seat but those photos were definitely not suitable for posting. As my brother commented last night (without the benefit of viewing the photos), "I don't want to say you aren't photogenic, but. . . " He included himself in that category and I honestly was not offended, especially since I was looking at a photo of me with mouth gaping, one eye open and one half closed. I wish I looked better when I was having fun. But I loved this cute little guy.
I didn't get any dance (or any other) offers from the boys who showed up to dinner but I did get to dance with our server:The group shot in front of the restaurant, after the rain ended and I reluctantly ended the night:Thank you Brooke for putting a fantastic birthday dinner together for me despite my bratty protests. I had a wonderful time! And I am sure I will have a great time trying out my new somewhat suggestive spices you gave me too, thanks again, you are the best!!


Ma said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday. It would have been nice to see you on your birthday, but sounds like you had a great day especially when it came to eating. Yum.

Tiffany said...

Such fun! I love the sombrero, and I'm jealous of all the yummy food. I'm so glad you had a great day. It was well deserved. Here's to another great year!

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