Wednesday, June 20, 2007

a few things on my mind

  • why do I ever get lured into purchasing linen? it is only crisp for the first 5 seconds after you put it on and then it is a wrinkled mess
  • why did I iron my new linen pants this morning given my experience and knowledge that linen becomes a waded mess nearly instantly
  • why do I ever think I can make a "quick" stop into a bookstore? I stopped at Border's last night to pick up a book on Iceland and left with a book on Iceland, 2 poetry books and "The Nanny Diaries" despite the fact that I have only finished one of the 4 books I recently purchased on
  • When will my sister give me the green light to purchase our vacation tickets?
  • I am EXTREMELY excited and distracted by August vacation plans, destination: Iceland!
  • I have a really great friend at work who has dropped off a different bag of candy each day this week to celebrate my birthday week - Nuggets Truffles (with caramel pecan truffle filling), Mary Janes and dark chocolate M&Ms.
  • I wonder what my parent's got me, my mother made me leave the package that arrived over a week early with my doorman. Maybe I can just pick it up tonight
  • shoot, I need to send out an email about the ward activity today
  • work is strangely absent in my head today
  • I think I have conditioned myself to crave caffeine in the afternoon at work, specifically Coke Zero or Diet Dr Pepper
  • what do I do when someone volunteered to organize a birthday dinner for me but hasn't sent me any information on the promised festivities when it is tomorrow? other people have asked to be included but now I am worried it isn't getting planned which is why I tried to dissuade anyone from organizing anything in the first place, I hate being disappointed
  • doesn't the Blue Lagoon sound intriguing? I didn't even realize it was a real place or in Iceland until a few days ago, now I get to go there!
  • seriously, do I email someone about the lack of notice or maybe send an email with names of other people I want to invite?
  • Last year I had dessert on my birthday (the birthday dinner and dessert I planned) at a place called Room 4 Dessert and it was mentioned in this article I read over lunch today
  • my computer is ridiculously slow today
  • the aritcle also make me want to try P*Ong, ChikaLicious and Kyotofu (which is in my neighborhood), they are all dessert restaurants. Yum!
  • I should have stuck with my initial insistance that I didn't want anyone to do anything for my birthday, it would be better than thinking someone is and worrying that they will flake out
  • why the sudden surge of interest in setting me up on blind dates?


tiff said...

Yikes! I too am very touchy when it comes to birthday plans--I want it to be great. I say call the organizer and ask if it's OK to invite some people. You'll be able to tell in three seconds flat if the ball has been dropped. :)

Oh, and by the way, HAAAAAAPPPPPYYYYYYY BIRRRRRRRRRRRTHDAAAAAAAAAY! I hope it's wonderful and that I could be nearby to wish you happy birthday in person!

autumn said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Iceland? I am so jealous. You'll have to wrtie about it a ton. Also, the reason why everyone wants to set you up on blind dates is because you're gorgeous. That's simple.

Anyway, happy birthday again. I wish I there to celebrate it with you.

michele said...

i agree, call the organizer. also, iceland? where did that come from? i am so jealous, i've heard it's beautiful.

autumn said...

I promise to proof my next comment. :)

emily said...

did you know i'm 25% icelandic?
so i'm coming on your vacation- oh wait! i've got a fussy-butt permanently attached to my boob.

good icelandic band: sigur ros. played at our wedding reception.

Ma said...

I think the surge in blind dates came because you gave your "gentile" friends the green light.

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