Monday, June 04, 2007

a day late

On a nearly forgotten imprecise day in 1990, I first became acquainted with Emily. We were not instant friends. She sat a few desks behind me in geometry class, we were sophomores. She was cute, quiet and appeared to be friends with the more popular kids. I was nerdy and talkative to no one in particular. The teacher never managed to pronounce my name correctly and I had a crush on a senior boy in the class who probably made fun of me - I think Emily later confirmed this. She wore a winnie the pooh watch and always wore cute clothes, at least relative to what I pulled off the floor each morning.

Junior year our paths crossed intermittently but it was senior year when we fell into the same hodge podge group of dissimilar girls who became inseparable and countless memories followed, including but far from being limited to:
  • dress-ups, especially when you panicked in the parking lot of McDonald's and tried to change
  • region dances and all those other dorky dances
  • slumber parties
  • "That's Ms. Bitch To You"
  • moving in together at SUU - even with the bumpy road
  • Llama Fest
  • roller blading together
  • first trip out of the state without parents -- "is this heaven? no, just circus circus" and bob's hotel
  • trip to LA
  • Lake Powell . . .
  • introducing me to Sylvia Plath
  • lifemates
  • my lonely 28th birthday when you made the greatest chocolate cake ever and organized our friends on an expedition to Park City for outlet shopping and nostalgic Red Banjo pizza
  • helping me "accidentally" bump into a boy I liked, I think this happened more than once
  • persisting in patience with a difficult friend like me
  • being my unqualified, old-fashioned pen pal during freshman year sending me something via snail mail at least once a week, often more including music trivia quizzes, random quotes, photos, drawings, home-made coloring book envelopes, stickers, scriptures and fun cards and postcards
  • the "pink store"
  • late night TPing (and pillaging. . .)
  • the sperm in the air (don't ask, I doubt anyone remembers the origin)
  • so many shared birthday parties
  • a shared love of food, clothes, chocolate and shoes
  • the Olympic bobsled track. . .
  • countless conversations about everything and nothing at all
  • I treasure a handful of really kick ass email dating pep talks
I would love to go on and on but I used up all my energy hunting down these fantastic photos (I especially love the slip and bras! tee hee!). Thank you for being such a great friend throughout the years. Sorry my birthday wishes are a bit belated this year but that doesn't mean I didn't think about you all day . . .



michele said...

such fun memories! in fact, i have the picture you took of emily and me hiding in the olympic bobsled hut on my mousepad. i'll add my birthday wishes - happy birthday emily!

Soul-Fusion said...

that is one of my FAVORITE photos! I couldn't find any of those. . . and Michele, I'm sorry you were edited out of the Lake Powell photo but I believe you can understand why. . .

emily said...

holy crap- i'm on the internet in a bra.

thanks for the birthday wish.

of course i can't remember what i'm doing or where i was in most of these photos!

lizzie said...

i love it! happy birthday emily!

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