Friday, June 29, 2007

celebrity sighting

Yesterday as I was walking to work I noticed a doorman hailing someone a cab. For some reason he kept my attention as he walked to the cab with a hanging bag and a suitcase. The residents he was assisting was a small family - a mom, dad and I could see one child. The dad looked familiar. Then I thought "he looks like that guy from Law & Order SVU, what is his name? Maloney? Is that his character's name or his name? I know the female cop is Mariska Hargitay who is beautiful and has a great name but I can't remember his. I think it is Maloney." Or at least that is how I spelled it in my head. Thanks to IMDB I was able to confirm that his name is Christopher Meloni and the woman he was with was his wife, Sherman Williams who is also some sort of actress in movies I have never heard of - mostly in the UK.

He looked smaller than I expected.


autumn said...

When I interned at the Today Show, I saw a number of celebrities and the men all looked smaller in real life. They must use camera tricks or something.

michele said...

that is almost as cool as when we saw fabio at the "i can't believe it's not butter" booth. i never see anyone famous here in american fork.

mickey said...

Wow! I'd have been star struck. I think he's handsome. I am jealous Alyssa, almost as jealous as when you took Fred to Girl's Pref he, he, he. :)

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