Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Birthday Festivities Part I

I started my birthday celebrations a bit early last night with dinner with my friends Ruby, Joo and Katharine at a new Thai place called Chai Thai. It was excellent. I love getting together with these girls. I can relax, be myself and they say great things about me to give my ego a little boost. I couldn't believe we all managed to get away from work at a decent time mid-week for dinner. I'm not sure we have ever accomplished that before. After dinner Joo bid us farewell and we headed out to try the new dessert place I suggested Kyotofu. As we walked from 8th to 9th, we found ourselves on the corner of 53rd Street and 9th Avenue in front ofthe restaurant Mangia e Bevi where 7 years ago today I turned 25 dancing on a table shaking a tamborine. Ruby and I had to pause for a commemorative photo: I tried to upload the original photo taken in the same spot only we were all thinner and more fresh-faced but my scanner was throwing fits last night so I didn't manage to get it done. Before we were seated at Kyotofu, Ruby decided she needed to head home because she wasn't feeling well so K and I enjoyed our beautifully presented dessert concoctions. Here is mine:
I enjoyed the chocolate and the raspberry sauce, the hummus looking sauce was a bit odd as was the pinkish jelly thing. I didn't know what to do with the powders in the corner of the plate so I left them alone entirely. K had some sort of tapioca thing because it was the only thing she recognized on the menu then she discovered the jelly things on the corner of her plate were full of sake so she slurped those up happily.
As I walked home well-fed, I called my parents and asked if I could retrieve my present from them that has been sitting with the doorman for the last week. They consented and I pulled this beautifully wrapped package carefully out of the peanut-filled box.
Happily, I received the yellow melamine bowls I wanted as well as a fun Le Creuset oval dutch oven in flame.

This morning started with a call from my mom as I walked to work and a tin bucket full of reese's peanut butter cups, tootsie rolls and Take 5 bars delivered to my office from AS. She has been great with the birthday treats. I stayed occupied most of the day returning well-wishing emails, answering fun singining phone calls and taking an extra long lunch. One of the highlights was an unexpected delivery of chocolate covered strawberries and apples from Ruby. Seriously, amazing!

Then I went to lunch with a group from work to Town, seriously, that is the name. I was in food heaven. I started the meal with Tuna tart with green peppercorn glaze with muscat grapes and spicy caviar tartar - almost the best thing I have ever eaten! This was soon followed by lobster ravioli which I assumed would have just a bit of lobster stuffed in a ravioli shell. But no, it was one giant ravioli (raviola?) surrounded by chunks of lobster and the flesh of the lobster claw on top. Again, one of the best things I have ever eaten. I finished the meal with rice pudding with ginger and mango sorbet. One word - amazing! The meal finished up three hours ago and I am still basking in it.

Now I just need to close up shop here in the office so that in a couple of hours I will be ready to eat guacomole at Mama Mexico - the only real Mexican restaurant in New York. I will try and post the results of the party later.


Ma said...

I had a wonderful leftover dish of Mac & Cheese from Erin's Refrigerator for lunch. I topped it off with a wonderful dessert that was made in Erin's kitchen. It was a peanut butter cookie with a chocolate frosting on top. Mmmmmm. Are you jealous?

lizzie said...

yeah, well we had sloppy joes and a can of corn...i went all out. at least the kids loved it. happy birthday!

Tiffany said...

yay! happy, happy birthday! it sounds like a fantastic couple of days! you deserve all the happiness that's coming your way!

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