Monday, June 04, 2007

behind the times

So I met a guy this weekend - not anyone I found myself strongly or even moderately attracted to but interesting at least. Where did I meet him? On the singles harbor cruise. I don't have time to explain all the details which aren't terribly exciting anyway but basically the guy asked me for my number under the pretext of getting contact info of a mutual friend who we discovered he went to high school with but hasn't seen in years. Whatever, I kind of forgot about it.

Then this morning I get a text message: "this is [Cruise Guy]. . . do u text? im so gr8fl 4 this rain 2 cool off." What? Weird, right? But maybe I am just behind the times and email (nevermind a phone call) is passe.


tiffany said...

If you're behind the times, then I was never in the times. Have a German Pancake and mull it over.

Nadia said...

Did you text him back?

Brooke said...

This is becoming more common. My younger friends text ALOT. It's a way to break the ice. It's not weird. He likes you! When you get used to Mormon boys who don't follow-up on anything, that becomes the standard. So that when a guy actually does something like call when he says he will, etc. it seems weird! It's unfortunate.

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