Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thank you Jazz

As I sit here, reviewing my photos and re-living Saturday night's incredible Game 3 victory, the Jazz are free falling into being shut out of the Playoffs, already losing by 20 points at the start of the second quarter. It gets me down a bit but watching a pass from Williams to a dunk by rookie Millsap, I am excited about the future of this team. At the start of this season I saw glimpses of a promising future and was hopeful that we were embarking on a new era for the Jazz but I never thought we would manage to make it this far this year - the Western Conference Finals!

As you can see, Saturday was full of fireworks, blue t-shirts, balloons and HUGE grins. Not only did I get to enjoy the game with my sister from our back row seats, but I was also able to meet up with Tiffany, Ryan, Christian and Mr. Smith (sorry, no pic). We all wore our free XL "True Blue" t-shirts proudly but Tiff and I each added our personal flare - hers with the flirty knot and the excess ends of my tee threaded through my belt loops where I could nervously tug on them through the closer parts of the game. Although I believe Tiffany was regretting not bringing her bedazzler to the arena to really give her shirt some pizazz. After the game, Erin and I met up with Tiff and her crew at The Dodo - one of Salt Lake's finer eating establishments. Given its location across 400 West from the arena formerly called the Delta Center, Erin and I giddily approached the door anticipating a packed dining room full of baby blue XL shirts. Surprisingly, the restaurant was nearly empty and our loud crew took over more than just our corner of the room. Erin, Tiff and I stayed true to our pact to pick a variety of choices from the dessert board and not one selection was a disappointment. It was a phenomenal night that took me back to so many playoff wins of past years, only this time I could happily afford to celebrate with more than a slurpee from 7-eleven on West Temple and 800 South on the drive home.

Monday's game was a bit more disappointing but I wouldn't change a thing except maybe the refs, oh, and the final score. Okay, and maybe I should not have eaten the majority of the gigantic waffle cone Erin and I were supposed to be splitting but she turned over to me once the top layer of burnt almond fudge was gone. I was happy to introduce her to the thrill of attending the NBA playoffs and she put up with my loud obnoxious behavior and even agreed to switch seats with me at half-time when I was feeling crowded by my neighbor. Despite the trailing score, we remained proud of our Utah Jazz to the bitter end and even lingered in our seats as the arena emptied, soaking in the experience, knowing this was most likely the last game this arena would see before November.

See you next year Jazz!

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tiff said...

It was so good to see you! I'm sorry the Jazz lost, but I think there is a very bright future for them.

Great pictures, although I think a little Bedazzling action would have enhanced everything.

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