Friday, June 01, 2007

Sunday's BBQ

To avoid too much running around this trip, I decided to host a barbecue in my parent's backyard to (selfishly) bring everyone to me. While not everyone I was hoping to see was able to make it, I had a great time. As usual there was far more food than needed so I doubt anyone went home hungry. We grilled vegetable kabobs, fruit kabobs and whole peaches (wow! great experiment!) while my dad impressed all as he stir fried steak, chicken and shrimp right on the grill with his nifty stir fry gadget. The afternoon highlights include: Quinn immediately asking about the tiki torches he discovered in the shed within 2 minutes of his arrival. His fascination with the torches and his all around total boyness (there was also a near peeing incident in the backyard with Aiden) was quite entertaining and my mom could not stop talking about him.

Another highlight was when Michele let me spray whipped cream in her mouth in an attempt to teach her daughter the fun trick. Annie wouldn't have any of it near her mouth and when Michele put it on her hand, she thought it was soap and rubbed her little hands together. So cute. I was also finally able to meet sweet little Gracie who made Malcolm very jealous when she towed me around the yard. Unfortunately, I did not get photos of everyone who came but it really was good to see everyone - it really made me wonder why I moved so far away from such great friends. Thanks everyone for taking the time to play!


michele said...

glad we made the highlight list! it was great to see you, and as always, yummy food!

Nadia said...

Cute PJ!

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