Thursday, May 31, 2007

Easy Green Tip

Last Saturday, my mom, my sister and I took a drive up Weber Canyon through small towns such as Mountain Green, Huntsville and Eden and around Pineview Reservoir. The judge I clerked for recently purchased a cabin and invited us up for the afternoon. The drive was beautiful - everything was surprisingly green, the sun was shining and the mountain peaks still had patches of snow nestled on the shady side of granite slabs. Driving back we had hoped to retrace our path back to a place off the side of the road advertising Fresh Raspberry Shakes. Somehow we missed it. As we drove up the on-ramp to I-84, I wondered how we all missed the large tantalizing sign. Disappointed we tried to think of a plan B. Since we were nearing Layton, my mom called her sister who lives there to see if she was around for a visit. After a great deal of unnecessary confusion, we managed to meet in a parking lot just off I-15 in Layton. Hungry, we surveyed the surrounding restuarants - Applebee's, TGIFriday's, etc. - and I chose the least offensive to my palate - Famous Dave's.

Watching the clock closely to avoid any time delays before the evening's Jazz game, we surveyed our menus and each ordered water to drink. Unlike many of the fancier restaurants in New York, our server did not ask for our preference of mineral, sparkling or still. The only option was tap water and if asked, I am sure tap water is what we each would have requested. However, as we each reached for our tall thick glasses filled with ice water, we were not just disappointed but irritated. The water tasted nasty. Upon the server's return, we each ordered an alternate beverige that was more palatable.

I am a snob about many things but water is just not one of them. I admit I am an avid consumer of bottled water. I remember my dad scoffing at the very idea of purchasing something that comes free flowing from various faucets throughout the house. But times change, taste buds adapt and now he buys bottled water by the case. I, however, do not drink bottled water to the exclusion of the free-flowing variety. New York City has surprisingly good tasting water. Even if it is not among the ridiculously lengthy water options listed by a waiter, tap is always a free alternative to the trendy and beautifully packaged Voss, San Pelligrino, Fiji Water and the appealing blue bottles of Ty Nant water. Most of which I have never tried. My bottled water consumption is generally tied to the quality of tap water available or my portability requirements - e.g., sitting in a restaurant, tap is acceptable because I won't be wandering off with my glass but picking up lunch to eat in the park, a bottle is more appealing as it stashes in a purse with great ease. At home I have filtered water from my tap so I have no use for bottles there and at work I refill my nalgene bottle multiple times a day from the fancy hot/cold filter in the pantry.

Which brings me to this article about the latest greening trend - tap water goes haute couture. The newest trend, beginning where else but San Francisco, is for restaurants to step away from their very lucrative bottled water service to the environmentally friendly choice of filtered tap water poured from aesthetically pleasing carafes. The article is interesting and makes some good points so have a read and next time someone tries to look down at you for drinking mere tap water - remind them of the green house effect. Unless you are in Layton, St. George, Vegas or some other foul tap water tasting city, then please drink bottled water - no one should have to endure that taste.


katie said...

Add Sandy City to the list. Every sunday I take the sacrament hoping the it has been blessed to taste better. No luck, so I always chose the cup that has the smallest amount of water. I literally can't stand it. If we didn't have a filter on our sink, I think I'd move. I cannot put that disgusting stuff down my throat. Thanks for getting me all worked up!

tiff said...

Brilliant. That's a great idea. I would love filtered water at restaurants, especially if it's free!

lizzie said...

in lake point, where mickey lives, you have to chew the water a bit to get it to go down.

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