Tuesday, February 06, 2007

100 things about me

  1. I have small feet
  2. I love pie but only eat it at Thanksgiving
  3. I was awarded "most improved" piano major as a freshman in college
  4. I was very granola/hippie/crunchy in high school and college and I miss that
  5. I am impatient with people I find irritating and I can't hide my impatience
  6. I wore braces for 6 years
  7. I started wearing glasses when I was ten
  8. I hate when people say "anywayS" there is no S on the end!
  9. I'm extremely independent but I like being able to let go and rely on someone
  10. I am an optimistic realist - meaning I hope for the best but prepare for the worst
  11. I can't decide if I'm getting more liberal the older I get or if I'm just getting braver in terms of admitting it to those around me
  12. I love speaking in public
  13. I love to dance
  14. I am overly sensitive to perceived and real slights from friends
  15. I am quick to forgive the slights, real or imagined
  16. I have no fear of heights
  17. but I do have a fear of jumping off things (boats, cliffs, diving boards, etc.) into water
  18. I love dogs
  19. I once said I had no desire to ever even visit NYC, let alone live there (in my anti-urban, pro-live in the mountains phase)
  20. I think my eyes are my best feature
  21. I don't know how to respond to compliments
  22. I miss wearing sleeveless shirts and tank tops
  23. I wish I exercised more
  24. I've lost count of how many boys I've kissed
  25. I was on the 9th grade basketball team at Union Middle School
  26. I'm often embarrassed when I read my thoughts and perceptions from journals of my youth
  27. I never really made much academic effort in high school
  28. I don't think I fit the "grew up in Utah" mold
  29. I have only been to church once in close to two months
  30. I'm extremely self-conscious of how I dress and how I look
  31. I don't eat hamburger
  32. I have a vivid fantasy life full of normal, everyday things I'm hoping for in my future
  33. I miss the mountains
  34. I am tough
  35. I learned how to cook a meal in a dutch oven camping before I figured out how to put a decent meal together in a kitchen
  36. I miss camping
  37. I named my dog after Malcolm X because I had just finished reading a biography on him when I found my puppy
  38. I bury happy memories of my ex-husband so I don't feel any regret
  39. I often wish my life could be more simple
  40. However, I get bored when I don't have a lot of stimulation
  41. I would like to teach yoga at a remote eco lodge in Costa Rica
  42. I regret quitting the piano
  43. I wish I could sing like Norah Jones
  44. I find it difficult to believe I will get married again
  45. I am really good at growing house plants
  46. I sometimes talk to my plants and myself
  47. I'm extremely competitive
  48. I've had two knee surgeries yet I sometimes convince myself I made it all up and I really don't have any knee problems
  49. I enjoy wandering through museums
  50. I get pedicures regularly
  51. I generally feel caught between two different worlds (utah/new york, mormon/non-mormon, urban/outdoors, professional/hippie, etc.)
  52. I love to read . . . wish my job let me choose the material more often
  53. I believe everything has a soul - animals, trees, rocks, everything
  54. I like getting artwork from my friends' children
  55. as a teenager I once ate an entire package of EL Fudge cookies on a family vacation before anyone had a chance to try one
  56. I had lots and lots of dark hair as a baby that stood straight up and someone told my mother "anyone who can have a baby that beautiful should have a dozen."
  57. law school was the first time I really pushed myself
  58. I've been absolutely in love 3 times and still have tender feelings for each
  59. my hair used to extend below my waist
  60. I love college football
  61. I have been staunchly against all franchise food (McDonald's, TGIFridays, Chevy's, etc.) for over a decade for their large portions, greasieness and lack of flavor
  62. I like that my birthday is the longest day of the year . . . summer solstice
  63. I love brunching with friends
  64. I love wandering through the plant district just looking at all the green
  65. I love thunderstorms with animated lightening shows
  66. online dating scares me
  67. I wish I was more artistic
  68. I hate ball point pens
  69. I have a filing cabinet drawer full of approximately 12-15 pairs of shoes in my office
  70. hiking gives me peace and brings clarity
  71. I only had one job offer coming out of law school - I feel it was fate pushing me to NY (my one offer was the only firm I interviewed with in NY)
  72. I love popcorn
  73. I want to be a better mormon but feel unmotivated
  74. I learned to snowboard as an adult
  75. I have asthma
  76. I walk to work
  77. I like walking past flower stands and breathing deeply
  78. one of my favorite memories from high school was a snow day
  79. I have been scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef
  80. I fear I've lived alone too long to easily adapt to marriage
  81. I have terrible handwriting
  82. my family moved a lot when I was young (4 elementary schools, 3 junior high schools and 1 high school)
  83. If I have children, I will strive to be like my parents
  84. my mother is my best friend
  85. I have the greatest siblings I could ever ask for
  86. I was a daddy's girl - I went to most of my dad's orchestra rehearsals and concerts starting at age 6, I loved going to work with my dad on Saturdays and I loved watching sports with my dad
  87. I am jealous of my sister's hair - color, texture, all of it
  88. I love sappy, romantic movies
  89. It takes a long time for me to let people in
  90. I hire someone to clean my apartment
  91. I haven't had so much as a flicker of twitterpation in years
  92. I am bad at memorization
  93. but I have a very accurate memory for dates - especially inconsequential ones, or the ones best not remembered
  94. I wish I kept up my French
  95. I want to learn Spanish
  96. A full moon with an open expanse of star-peppered sky always grabs my attention and inspires me
  97. I think holding hands is the most tender romantic gesture
  98. I wish I received more phone calls
  99. I love deep, insightful conversations with friends
  100. I strive to be my most authentic self as much as possible


tiff said...

Oh, I'm so glad you found time to do this! I loved learning more about you. I think you're such a wonderful person, and wish we lived closer and could hang out.

But you forgot number #101: I am one hell of a baker.

mickey said...

Alyssa that was awesome, I loved learning more about you too! Was that snow day the one where we all dressed in snow pants and went to Flat Iron Mesa Park? I remember it well and it was so much fun! I didn't know you have someone clean your apartment, that's gotta be nice. Thanks for sharing, I am workning on my list and I hope it's half as interesting as yours. Funny how you woinder if you can come up with interesting facts about yourself. Hum, we'll see.

pepper said...

Love the list.

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