Thursday, March 09, 2006

work pet peeves

  • ridiculously slow elevators
  • people who YELL when they are on a phone call but refuse to shut their office door
  • the girl who never, yes I said never, washes her hands in the bathroom
  • the fact that said girl knows she is gross and only leaves her stall and dashes out when everyone is safely out of sight behind a stall door
  • the too shiny, black faux-marble floors in the bathroom that are far too reflective
  • there are only 3 stalls in the women's bathroom for the ENTIRE floor
  • the fact that gross non-hand washing girl digs her grubby little paws into the communal candy dish
  • that it is ALWAYS cold, and yes I am wearing a sweater, sometimes I wear a sweater and a pashmina
  • that everytime I print the printer insists on printing an extra page with 3 inches of my initials, like I don't know what I'm printing or that someone else will think my stuff is theirs - they can figure it out
  • no recycling bin in my office
  • explanation from cleaning lady that they dump it all in the regular garbage anyway
  • explanation from building management that someone sorts it out later - like hell they do
  • obnoxious co-worker who insists on planting himself in my office to chat despite my not so subtle hints that "I need to meet a friend in 30 minutes" or "I'm trying to finish this document soon" or the fact that I keep typing without fully turning my attention away from my computer
  • the creepy window cleaner on the other side of my window at 9:15 am - I'm on the 18th floor - how am I supposed to work with someone staring back in at me like that?
  • did I mention how cold it is in here?
  • the fact that I am unable to make my ergonomically advanced chair truly comfortable to sit in for 12-14 hours at a time

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