Monday, March 20, 2006


This morning was my much-anticipated second work-out with my very own personal pilates instructor. Last Monday morning I met her for the first time and she said nice things about my arched feet and good shoulders and I decided to turn the consultation into a regular thing and pay her way too much money to make my body lean and mean and give me false compliments to make me feel good. Last week was great. I learned how to do some basic exercises on the Pilates Reformer which proved to be less of a torture device than anticipated. In preparation, last night I forced myself to bed at a decent hour and was in the gym by 7:30 a.m. for our appointment, ignoring the strange knot in the pit of my stomach that has persisted since late Friday night and throughout the weekend. Bad idea.
We had made it through 2-3 exercises when I began sweating far more than necessary given my exertion. I tried stripping down to my tank top by removing the long sleeve tshirt I wore for warmth, but to no avail. While my trainer got on the machine to demonstrate the next exercise, I drank some water and immediately had to sit down. My skin felt clammy and I broke into a cold sweat. I feared I was going to throw up or be unable to stand up without collapsing. All I could think of was how would I get the energy to put my shoes on and walk down the two flights of stairs to my apartment. I worried that I was about to pass out. I curled into a ball on the floor and hoped it would pass and apologized for the strange reaction and explained I had ignored a slight stomach ache. The trainer initially thought it was just a moment of wooziness which can happen in pilates or yoga and tried to talk me through it but I fled as soon as I could collect myself enough to put on my shoes and stand. I was grateful to reach my apartment and climbed immediately back into bed where I remained until about 9:30. I tentatively got out of bed and emailed my secretary that I would be late, wondering if I could really make it through a shower and the walk to work.
Once I was up, the rest of the day has passed without incident other than me being wary of all food. But now the knot is back and I'm trying to soothe it with some peppermint tea - unsuccessfully. I don't normally channel my troubles to my stomach, I am typically a head case and get sometimes debilitating head aches from stress. But there isn't anything else I can blame this on other than the trauma of the weekend (which will have to wait for a separate post). Unless of course you count the package of newly discovered chocolate covered nutter butters I devoured with my brother yesterday using the road trip as an excuse to shun all diets. But I think that helped more than harmed, don't you? Why blame innocent chocolate when so many others are worthy of blame.........

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Sean said...

I can totally relate. Stress always affects my stomach. Doctors tried and tried to find something wrong with me. I eventually gave up and just decided it was stress. Good luck with the pilates. I just ordered Winsor pilates, but have been too tired to try it.
- Autumn

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