Sunday, March 05, 2006

the grand gesture

This guy has some sort of sixth sense for determining when I'm about to write him off completely. Last week I was feeling frustrated with him for reasons unknown to me today and he asked me to meet him at Starbucks at 3:00 in the afternoon on a Thursday. It was great. He squeezed me in - it was flattering and slightly romantic. It was probably romantic because the weather was what the news called "a wintry mix." It was raining when we walked the block from my office to Starbucks and we stayed for an hour watching the rain turn to hail to slushy snow and then clear up.
Last night I was done. I decided I didn't trust him, I wasn't ready to get involved because I didn't see that he had the same level of committment. I decided that if he called I wouldn't pick up because I couldn't be trusted to not become confrontational. We had talked about having dinner tonight but I tentatively told another guy (I'm not interested in) I would go to his place. Instead. . . my streak breaker showed up at my apartment - by surprise. I was cleaning my oven (more accurately it was cleaning itself) and trimming my plants. The whole apartment smelled from the oven and my kitchen had potting soil and plants and clippings all over. I was wearing an old gray long sleeve t-shirt I have had for over ten years. Not really ready for a surprise date. We ordered dinner (the oven was occupied) and watched the Oscars. It was fun and flattering and the gesture is keeping me cautiously attached.

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