Wednesday, March 29, 2006


do you ever have disappointing food days. days when no matter what happens your food just doesn't turn out quite right? to the point where your taste buds are threatening a strike unless you immediately start sending some chocolate their way? today was that day for me.
it started normal enough (mostly). every morning i eat oatmeal from the cafeteria in my office. this morning i picked up my usual and brought it back to my desk and stopped in the pantry to get a glass of milk to add to the oatmeal and to drink - this is my one real shot at calcium in its natural form. i opened the pantry fridge which is normally stocked with a large quantity of milk products from half & half and whole down to fat free. this morning there were only two cartons - half & half and whole. i was paralyzed. i couldn't ride the elevator back down to the second floor during the morning rush (sometimes a 15 minute round trip ordeal) just to add milk to my oatmeal. but i couldn't eat it all thick without milk to loosen it up and cool it off. plus i needed the milk to take my vitamins. who drinks water with oatmeal? so i took a small amount of whole milk and marveled at its exceedingly white color - i really had no idea milk could be so white. i poured a bit in my oatmeal imagining the whole fat from the milk jumping immediately to my stomach or inner thighs. then i heard a rustling in the pantry and went back in to discover one of the cafeteria people stocking the fridge and i was able to rescue breakfast with some skim milk - i really am neurotically addicted to my breakfast routine.
at lunch i was running errands (i had to pick out a birthday card for a partner i barely know in connection with my event planner duties - see post below) and i decided to pick up my favorite sandwich at pret a manger, my favorite "fast food" out there. pret has these fresh, unique pre-made sandwiches that i love and craved when i lived in utah. i was in a hurry after wasting far too much time in hallmark but i kept getting blocked out by a large man from the refridgerated shelf with the sandwich i wanted. i would try and go to his left and the large man swayed left, i'd go to the right and he swayed right. i was almost ready to yell "just pick a sandwich!" when he finally lumbered off. i saw a couple of piles of baguette sandwiches and grabbed what i thought was my favorite - tomato, basil and brie. i then rushed back to my office to eat it and . . . discovered i grabbed the wrong sandwich!! once again i was helpless. it wasn't a bad sandwich - it had tomato, mozzarella and some sort of meat (maybe chicken) soaked in balsamic vinegar - but it wasn't the sandwich i wanted, the sandwich i crave.
because of the bad lunch experience (and since i didn't eat the whole thing) i got really hungry in the afternoon but was swamped with work and for some ridiculous reason decided to eat the bag of jelly beans that managed to find its way to my desk drawer. i like jelly bellys, i do not like the fat, old fashoned jelly beans that are more pure sugar than flavor. i ate the whole bag (luckily the bag was small) and gave myself a stomach ache.
so by the time i got to dinner i should have reflected on my poor food choices and ordered something good. but no. instead, i decided to save my client some money and grab dinner in the cafeteria. another very bad choice. it was slim pickings. i went with the pasta and vegetables, only to discover upon returning to my desk that the pasta was not only cold but hard. it had been sitting under heat lamps for who knows how long and it was scraped from the side of the pot i'm sure. gross. i ate the cold, nearly flavorless vegetables and now i'm expected to continue to work somehow?
i'm considering raiding the vending machine for a consolation prize since i know my cupboards at home are empty . . . except for the ice-cream and m&ms the Boy bought last night, hmmm.

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