Thursday, March 23, 2006

baby photo

so my ward is having this guess whose baby picture activity. I tried to post this earlier today as a choice - which baby photo should I submit. For some reason I couldn't upload any photos. Anyway, I sent in this one. I don't think anyone will think it is me. Of course, asking my mom about baby photos made her want babies. I told her she has three other kids in a better position than I am to grant that request (2 married and 1 engaged). But seriously, wouldn't it be terrible for me not to have babies because look how cute I was! My babies would have to look like me, right? Unless I married someone ugly, which I'm really against for a number of reasons. Especially considering that I don't want ugly babies.

okay, I think this pic is going to be huge as well but I must tell you I checked the "small" option and it is still big. I am just lucky I figured out how to upload a photo.


Tiff said...

I didn't see this post until today, but to answer your question--YES, YOU ARE A GORGEOUS BABY!!! You and your parents should be very proud. I have a suggestion for you, although it's going to require some patience on your part, but considering how much you love the Jazz, and how much my son loves the Jazz, I'm wondering if you'd be willing to wait about 12 years for him to grow up and then marry you? I'd make a helluva mother-in-law. Think about it.

Soul-Fusion said...

not sure if I'm quite that desperate yet but I will definitely keep you posted because who knows where I'll be in 12 years!

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