Monday, February 27, 2006


Of all the chocolate in the world there is one kind that comes only once a year and to me it is pure pastel perfection - Cadbury Mini Eggs. Mini Eggs are the premier chocolate - nice sugary shell you can suck on and savor until you hit the smooth and creamy chocolate. Divine. The only thing that could improve the mini egg is the addition of an almond in the center. Then I would never have restraint.

My sister just emailed me this about mini eggs after I told her someone brought a bag of them to my house last night (I politely only took 5) -

"I know that’s your biggest weakness. If I ever need you to bend to my will, Cadbury mini eggs are the drug of choice. Dad was trying to temp me with those the other day and I just told him 'I’m not Soul-Fusion.'"

If anyone wants to make me theirs forever, just send a Costco size bag of mini eggs my way. WeightWatchers be damned, these things only come once a year and I can generally ration and horde them through May if I don't hit any emotional speed bumps requiring immediate administration of chocolate.


michele said...

mini eggs are also my weakness. i wait every year for them. i just wish i could have your restraint and only eat 5.

Soul-Fusion said...

I only ate 5 because they belonged to someone else and there were lots of people around - I was trying to be polite. Any other situation and I would have eaten the whole bag. I don't think I'm allowed in drug stores until after Easter so I don't buy and eat whole bags.

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